Birthday Party Planning Checklists

Birthday Party Planning Checklists - A great birthday party planning checklist to help you smoothly plan your party and guide you through from beginning to end. Here are some questions to get the wheels turning in your head so when you do read through the birthday party planning checklist you will have an idea of some of the things you want for your party.
  • Whats you budget?
  • How many guests?
  • Are you making or buying the cake?
  • Will it be an inside or outside party, or both?
  • Will you be serving food, beverages, or just cake?
  • Are you having the party at your home or at a venue?
Now these questions can be overwhelming but ultimately they can help you know what you want to plan. Once you've printed out the part planning checklist read through it. Make immediate notes that come to you as you go down the list. Add things to it you think of and cross out things that dont apply.

This will help you begin the process, and give you some comfort in knowing what you want and dont want at your party. A birthday party planning checklist is a guide not a set in stone list. Make it your own, taylor it for your party.

Keep in mind Lists are your friend:)

Just a note-this birthday party planning checklist is geared toward both young and grown up birthday parties. I have a page dedicated just to great kid birthday party ideas and tips to help you out!

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