Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Birthday Party Theme Ideas - The first important birthday party theme ideas tip is to choose a color theme stick with it unless you are going for the colors of the rainbow. It looks really put together when the party colors flow where ever you have decorated.
Birthday Party Theme Ideas
If you have found a theme like jungle animal print, then accent with the colors of that theme. I suggest using colors of the jungle animal print in the streamers, like black and orange. You can lay the black and orange together(also explained in the balloon and streamer section), so one side is black and one side is orange when twisted it will compliment the jungle animal print and help it stand out.

So if you use the decorating ideas explained in the streamer and balloon section of this page you can envision how cool black and orange streamers will look with a bouquet of jungle animal print balloons in the middle at your birthday party! Remember going outside the themes own colors will just take away from the originality of your chosen personalized theme.

If you are going to do a color theme, pick the honored guests favorite color for your birthday party. Then go with lights and/or dark's of that color. You can always add another color that compliments the first color, but keep in mindless is more.You can also use birthday party decorating ideas to make it more masculine or feminine. For a more masculine look put dark grey and/or black into the mix. For a feminine birthday party look you can accent with just about any color besides dark grey or black:)

Keep in mind too many colors will cause the color theme to get lost in the mix of color, it wont be personalized decorations for the honored guest of that birthday party. Unless of coarse, you are going for a rainbow or fiesta type birthday party!

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