First Birthday Ideas List

Decorations and Supplies
This can be kept simple, and still be great for your little one. Bright colors with a little creativity will go a long ways.
  • Streamers and Balloon snot to many, but give it a party look!
  • Large stuffed animals in the designated party area.
  • Little stools and chairs, or even little mats for them to sit on. This will help for structure when you need it.
  • A small table for activities, if you have one most parents do.
  • Helium and non helium balloons. Kids love to pushes these around in the air. Kids are fascinated with helium balloons and they can take one home.
  • Dont forget to hang balloons outside, so the guests can see them as they arrive.
  • Cut out big #1s to put up on the wall. Let the guest write a happy birthday wish on it for memories.

Great Snack Foods
Make sure the food is easy to chew or it dissolves in their mouths. Ask invited parents about any food allergies.
  • animal crackers, graham cracker sticks, other small cookies or crackers
  • peanut butter/cream cheese and jelly, cut crust off cut in triangles
  • applesauce that comes in the small disposable cups
  • pieces of bananas apples
  • skinned cucumber sticks
  • cupcake cones, ice-cream that comes in small disposable cups

Games Activities
Remember simple is better for this age! Keep things short, watch to see when they become uninterested. Ask for help with this for example ask a mother you know is good at reading stories.
  • Roll The Ball - Sit the kids in a circle and roll a ball to each other.
  • Balloon Ball - Use a non-helium balloon to bounce around from kid to kid.
  • Bubbles - All kids love bubbles! You can blow bubbles for them, or you can purchase spill proof ones for them to do.
  • Wagon Rides - Hang balloons on your wagon and take turns giving them rides.
  • Box Fun - Give them large crayons to color on large boxes. Then let them climb in and out of them.
  • Paint W/Water Books - Coloring books with paint on each page.
  • Floor Paint - Have you seen those water mats that you can hand paint with? It might be worth it to purchase one.
  • Finger Paint - for the brave they can do a hand print, and take it home for a sweet moment!
  • Story Time - Read them short stories.
  • Finger Puppets - Some people have a talent for this.
  • Bowling - You can use old bottles filled with water or sand, and your own ball or you can buy cheap plastic bowling set.
  • Pull string pinata - cant go wrong with this one!

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