Kid Birthday Party Ideas

Kid Birthday Party Ideas - These kid birthday party ideas and tips are here to help have a fun party that runs smoothly! Before you get started with these helpful tips, remember to stay organized! Don't forget to print a copy to make your party planning life a little less stressful.

Okay get ready for lots of great kid birthday party ideas and tips to get your brain in gear for throwing that cool party for your young one! Make sure your kids party doesn't clash with any major holidays, Mothers Day, Easter. Also check school holidays, make sure invited guests wont be away.

Remember extra batteries for camera, but also for any toys your child will get that need batteries. Use stick on name badges so you know everyone name. Don't use pins. For a venue, always arrive early to get all organized before the guests start arriving.

Tell all the party guest where the washroom is, so there are no accidents. Make sure to be specific about what time the party ends. Make sure you give party helpers specific tasks, whether they are your older kids, or your friend. It will keep them busy and taking some of the load off of you.

Have a plan B if you are having an outside party. Make sure to use disposable table clothes. They will help to give a party look, more importantly protect your tables, and save you time and effort. Use paper plates, cups, and utensils. This will also save you so much hassle. And again go with the decor.

Put names on cups helps avoid confusion.

Have extra paper towels for wiping hands and faces. Let your birthday child pick out their outfit for the party. Just another perk for it being their special day.

Check off guests on your party guest list as they arrive. Ask parents to stay for the party until they are 5-6 years of age. You will be overwhelmed trying to keep an eye on the kids and the events of your party.

Keep in mind children 3 and under have a short attention span. Keep activities short. They will have fun just playing blocks with each-other. Kid birthday party ideas and tips concerning games and party favors If you are playing games in your home, make sure to put away any breakables. Child proof your home so there will be no worries.

You might want to play a game the kids like quite a few times if they are enjoying it. Don't be in a hurry to get to the next game. But don't over do the same game either. Have extra games ready to play in case you need a time filler. It is better to have too many games than not enough.

Have party game prizes labeled it will help keep you organized. Maybe label them boy or girl if that fits. Always have extra in case you play a game more than you planned. Have a party favor bag for your birthday child. After all it is their special day and they might feel left out even though they received presents.

Put names on the party favor bags to make sure everyone gets one.

Keep them out of sight until the end of the party and give them away as the guests are leaving, then the favors wont be scattered through your house and kids wont be missing little goodies. Have extra party favor bags for siblings or extra unexpected guests. Hope these kid birthday party ideas are helping it is great to have resources so you don't have to think of everything yourself ;)

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